Computer Vision for Visual Surveillance and Mobile Robotics
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清水彰一, 藤吉弘亘, 長坂保典, 高橋友一.

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Multiple cameras have been used to get a view of a large area. In some cases, the cameras are layouted so that their views are overlapped to get a better view as a whole than non\_overlapping layout. 3D information of the overlapping areas that are covered with two or three cameras can be get by stereo vision methods. Shifting shutter timings of cameras and using our pseudo stereo vision method, we can output 3D information faster than 30 fps. In this paper, we propose a pseudo stereo vision method using cameras with different shutter timings. Using three cameras, two types of shutter timings are discussed. In three different shutter timings, 90 times of 3D position for a sec are obtained because proposed method can output 3D positions at every shutter timings of three cameras. In two different shutter timings, it is possible to calculate the 3D position at 60 fps with better accuracy.
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清水彰一, 藤吉弘亘, 長坂保典, 高橋友一. "3台のカメラを用いた擬似ステレオによる3次元位置推定", 人工知能学会第19回SIG-Challenge研究会, pp. 6-11, May, 2004.
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